Mint Vanilla - Quinoa (キヌア)

Mint Vanilla - Quinoa (キヌア)
Crop (植物名): Quinoa
Latin name (学名): Chenopodium quinoa
Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) pledged (OSSIオープン種苗)
Plant Breeder (育成者): Frank Morton, Wild Garden Seed

White seed heads with white seeds selected from Brightest Brilliant Rainbow.
One gram per bag.
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Brightest Brilliant Rainbowから選抜育種された、白色種子で白い穂のキヌア。

Place of production (At least prefecture): Gifu
Weight (g): 1
Variety?: Mint Vanilla


更新日 November 06, 2022

$3.15 ANY / box

1 箱